The clinic was established for the treatment and recovery of divers suffering from decompression sickness and was named in honor of the ancient Greek god Poseidon — the patron saint of the seas

The development of science, studies of scientists and practitioners have shown the effectiveness of the hyperbaric oxygenation method in the treatment of various diseases and pathologies, as well as the experience of its use for prevention and restoration of disrupted functions of the body in combination with other methods

We value our patients' time and health, so we offer convenient, individual approaches to consultation and treatment, meeting your needs and expectations

The human body is a complex holistic system of interconnected, interdependent organs and functions. Therefore, the principles used for diagnostics should be based on a comprehensive approach, focusing on a primary assessment of the patient's health. This then leads to the selection of therapies that will work best together to heal the issues.

Continuing the traditions, developing the potential of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, the clinic was named after the patroness of the goddess of healing — Panacea. Panacea Medical Center symbolizes the development of Hyperbaric Medicine from the original use with divers to the vast amount of conditions that now can be treated to heal all areas of the body.

Panacea is a State-of-the -art modern medical center that offers a selection of complex treatment methods and advanced innovative technologies. Our experience and technological achievements allow us to offer you effective methods of diagnosis and treatment, as well as a personal approach to solving individual problems.

Welcome to Panacea Clinic, a place where healing is a reality and care and compassion are our motto

With extensive experience in various fields of medical science, this allows us to offer personalized and progressive approaches to the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of various diseases. We deeply understand that health is one of the most valuable assets, and therefore our mission is to help people overcome illness and recover by providing a personalized approach, creating an atmosphere where you will feel comfortable and confident in your choices.

At Panacea Medical Center, we guarantee that you will be surrounded by the care and attention of every member of our staff, and we are proud to be a trusted partner on the path to your true health. Together, we can address all aspects of your health and become your trusted friend in the medical field.

Of all the sciences, medicine is undoubtedly the noblest