It's the second time I'm visiting this clinic. My pain has greatly reduced and I definitely see the improvement in my condition. I highly recommend visiting Panacea Medical Center.


My time at the Clinic is something I will ALWAYS remember fondly, which is kind of miraculous given that I was there because of intense treatment for a chronic illness. The amazing staff at this immaculate clinic went above and beyond for all the patients. I felt heard, respected, cared for and understood. They made the experience more enjoyable and much easier. Huge thanks.


My son completed treatment in this fabulous clinic about 6 months ago. His health has significantly improved since his treatment. We found the clinic to be extraordinarily professional. The medical staff were very knowledgeable & we were treated like we were family. I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough. We are huge fans!


We found the clinic to be very professional. The medical staff were very knowledgeable, loving & we were treated like we were family. I cannot recommend this clinic enough. They go out of their way to help in any way they can. Thank you so much!


Wow what an awesome medical centre, my wife and i had treatment there 6 months ago. The professionalism, knowledge, cleanliness and friendliness of this clinic was absolutely amazing and second to none. The staff would certainly go over a beyond anything imaginable to take care of there patients whilst under taking treatment at the clinic. Very thankful for the care we received, this has worked wonders for us.


Excellent clinic. All the staff are extremely helpful, friendly, and good at their job. I received treatment here for 5 weeks and am feeling much better after it!


Do their best to make sure you are comfortable and well looked after. I had a great experience having treatment here.


The Staff are very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend for anyone especially good at treating Lyme disease.


Professional, competent staff with state of the art facilities and treatment.


Just wanted to say a huge thanks for getting me through my treatment. You are wonderful and I’ll never forget you.


I went to this centre one year ago, I was very ill, the most debilitating symptoms were the cephalitis like headaches, I just could not function, I was desperate. After about 3 days my headaches went, never came back, I felt so good that on day 7 I went to hire a car and ended up walking 11 kilometres then driving few hours. Before treatment I struggled to walk to my letter box, After all the treatment I felt so great in fact never felt so good even as a child, that I went backpacking through Europe on my own at age 56. I will go back to have a top up in next few years. I just wish I could bottle this treatment and bring it to Australia. Thank you all the wonderful staff Love you all and deep respect.


Excellent service & results! Having been told by my doctor that my sporting injury (severe tendonitis) would keep me off my feet for 3 weeks and out of training for six. Following 3 treatment sessions in the hyperbaric chamber, I was back exercising after a week and fully recovered in 2!


Before receiving treatment there I was extremely unwell and last week I went on a 30km 8hr cliff hike (which is recommended to be done over two days) so I think that goes to show how much better I am!

Darren (Australia)

You guys go above and beyond and have so much compassion. You're awesome.

Julie (Australia)

I am about 70% improved, but not healed completely! The treatment is unbelievable and the best I’ve found thus far in my recovery!

Chloe (Tasmania)

Thank you so much for making these clinic days pass more easily for us, especially on the hardest days. Thank you for the funny stories, great humour and supreme IV Skills. To all the Lyme Warriors who will read this — know you are in very good hands.

Alan (UK)

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. You have made our time here very enjoyable. Your kind and caring nature made us feel good no matter how bad we felt on the day. We are so touched by all the support you have given us and thank you so much for helping on our journey to recovery and good health.

K & M (Australia)

To all the staff at the Clinic, Thank you so much for the wonderful care and support you gave me during my time there. You are all such special people and this treatment is life changing for me.

J (Australia)

To each and everyone at HTTC, I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that I feel fortunate to have met some many companionate, intelligent and wonderful people. My memories with each and every one of you will be with me always.

N (Australia)

We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us; you went above and beyond on several occasions. It makes all the difference during the tough times.

J (UK)

Thank you so much to all the wonderful staff for always going out of their way to make everyone feel supported and comfortable. You all made it such an easier time.

D (UK)

To all the lovely staff at HTTC Cyprus, thank you for going above and beyond. It has been such a great and stress free experience and wonderful all round. It’s been amazing to receive such good medical care for Tick Born Illness and be treated with such respect.

W (Australia)

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


It’s quite daunting travelling to another country for medical treatment but you have all made our stay very enjoyable and have welcomed us with open arms. It’s been a pleasure getting to know each and every one of you in our short time in Cyprus and we truly appreciate everything.

K (Australia)

Thank you so much for being part of my healing journey and providing me with a month of cinema education! Thank you also for being so accommodating and supportive.

Max (UK)

To all the gorgeous staff, thank you all for taking such good care of us for the last 6 weeks. W will miss you all very much and enjoyed getting to know you all. Thank you for treating us with care and compassion and for accommodating all our needs.

Lynn (Australia)

Thank you for helping me reclaim my health and vitality, I am forever grateful to each and everyone if you.

Sarah (Australia)

I am absolutely astounded at the professional, kind and dedicated staff. Feeling really thankful I took the plunge.

Lisa (Australia)

I am on my 15th day at the clinic here and am receiving unbelievable wonderful professional personal treatment from all the fabulous staff.

June (Australia)

It has now been just over 3 months since I have completed my treatment under the Lyme disease protocol. This protocol has SAVED my life.

Charles (Australia)

I was amazed at the results I achieved with the Body Sculpting treatment at the Clinic I have tried several similar but different treatments at other clinics with no success, however, after just one treatment at the Panacea I could see tangible results. Now after three treatments all I can say is WOW! There is a major difference which people are noticing and commenting on, so I am really pleased with the result. I now plan to continue with a few more treatments and really looking forward to the end results. The staff were all really nice and welcoming and made me feel really comfortable during the treatments. Other clinics have left me feeling uncomfortable at times and even embarrassed on some occasions. I can definitely thoroughly recommend the Clinic.

Julia (Cyprus)

What can I say except wow... Amazing place, Wonderful helpful staff but more important the treatment works! I took the silver package and had treatments over the 3 weeks while I was in Cyprus and have dropped a dress size, very nearly 2 sizes. I will be returning in 8 weeks and have already booked in again for more treatments.

Bridget (UK)